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Stylish and durable, decorative concrete has quickly become a favourite for its timeless elegance and low maintenance. From pool and alfresco areas to paths and driveways, your decorative concrete can be tailored to reflect your personal style. For maximum durability, we always use galvanised mesh around pools and in our liquid limestone for its high-resistance to water and harsh chemicals.

Our team work closely with you throughout the decorative concreting process, to ensure you get exactly what you envisioned without any surprises along the way. We are also trusted by Geostone as their preferred concrete installer in the Bunbury area, so you know you can rely on us for quality every time.

Exposed aggregate concrete.

Exposed aggregate showcases the art within your concrete. To expose the stone and pebbles beneath, a treatment is processed on the surface of the concrete allowing the natural stones to be revealed.

A popular decorative concrete feature since the 1950’s, exposed aggregate concrete is a stunning choice for your next outdoor project.

Exposed aggregate concrete
A nice decorative concrete finish with glass balustrades

Honed concrete.

Delivering you a smooth matte finish, honed concrete has fast become a go-to choice when concreting around your pool and alfresco area.

A non-slip application can be added to your honed concrete making it both an elegant and safe choice for your outdoor space. Our team at TKL design honed concrete solutions to complement your home, so you can make the most of your outdoor area all year round.

Are you unsure what style of concrete will suit your home?

Polished concrete.

Elegant and timeless, polished concrete gives your outdoor space a luxurious finish that will ‘WOW’ your guests. Advantages of selecting polished concrete include:

  • Keeping its shine without the need for waxes or stripping treatments
  • Cost effective, low maintenance, and no upkeep required
  • Improved ambient lighting from surface reflection
  • Resistant to stain
Concrete Flooring
Swimming Pool

Liquid limestone.

Liquid limestone is a fantastic choice when selecting maintenance free, cost-effective concrete for your home. Cool to the touch, liquid limestone is a great option for your pool area.

At TKL, we are one of the only contractors in Bunbury to provide you liquid limestone solutions. We offer a range of colours and textures, including white and charcoal shades, so you can find the perfect style to reflect your vision.

Coloured concrete.

Gone are the days of standard grey concrete. Add flair and personality to your outdoor space with coloured concrete designs. With a variety of colours, shades, and pigments, you don’t have to settle for boring and bland.

Our team at TKL Contractors transform your backyard into a truly unique area, all while maintaining functionality and beauty.

Traditional (grey) concrete.

There is a reason traditional concrete has been around for so long! If you’re searching for a simple, strong, sturdy concrete option, traditional grey concrete could be a great solution for you.

Whether you’re looking at your first home renovation project, or redesigning a pre-existing area, you can rely on the team at TKL Contractors for a first-class finish every time.

Concrete Flooring

Working on a new project or pre-existing renovation? Our team can help

Pool edging.

Stylish, smooth, and streamlined, TKL pool edging delivers an elegant finish to your newly installed pool. Designed from our decorative concrete alternatives, pool edging has fast become the preferred option when investing in a pool at your home. As the Bunbury agent for PoolEdge Systems, we can form your pool edging, or sell you a high-quality kit to do it yourself. Improve the value of your property with pool edging that radiates sophistication.

Swimming Pool


Your imagination is limitless when selecting concrete for your driveway. Traditional grey, exposed aggregate, or honed concrete, are all fantastic options.

A decorative concrete driveway is a brilliant investment for your home which will increase the value of your property. Be the envy of your neighbourhood with a TKL decorative concrete driveway.

Concrete Flooring
Patios Verandah Carport Outback

Alfresco/Patio .

Living in Western Australia, we love entertaining family and friends during the warmer seasons.

Whether you want decorative concrete for your free-standing deck, custom alfresco area, or an enclosed patio space, our experienced design team will help bring your vision to life. When summer comes around, you’ll be ready to sit back and enjoy the great outdoors.

Concrete slab foundations.

Concrete slab foundations are the base of every project, literally! Understanding your plan allows us to prepare your space correctly before pour, to create a breathtaking result that captures the natural beauty of your concrete.

Our concrete experts specialise in slabs for your shed, garage, and outdoor spaces. We also partner with local boutique building companies to provide high-quality concrete house slabs for the base of your new home. With TKL, you get a first-class concrete slab that will last for generations.


Let our team take care of all the earthworks for your next outdoor renovation. With our specialised trucks and machinery, we can handle any job, no matter the size or complexity.

For difficult areas where our machinery may not access, we have a strong workforce of men and women who love a challenge!

2 TKL Contactors earthwork machinery preparing a site

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We recommend waiting at least one week after the concrete has been laid, and 48 – 72 hours after it has been sealed.

Concrete is made from natural materials that expand and contract with changes in moisture and temperature. In the early stages, concrete tends to contract, which can cause cracking across the slab if not laid correctly.

If your new concrete is prepared and poured by our team at TKL Contractors, we apply every measure to minimise the chances of your concrete cracking. Our experienced team cut “control joints” in the concrete slab, which encourages the concrete to crack along these points. If the concrete contracts, it will crack in the control joints instead of across the slab. Irregular cracks sometimes do appear, but don’t be alarmed, these won’t affect the integrity of the concrete.

The colours, tones, and textures you prefer will determine the concrete that will best suit your pool area. We find honed aggregate is a popular choice, due to the non-slip finish we apply, which makes it a safe and elegant option around your pool.

Pool areas have a high level of exposure to salt, chlorine, and other chemicals used to maintain your pool. At TKL, we always use galvanised mesh around your pool areas to help to extend the life of your concrete and reduce the likelihood of concrete cancer. With galvanised mesh, you can be assured the concrete in your pool area has extra protection and will last longer.

With liquid limestone, the lime content in the material can jeopardise the strength of standard reinforced mesh, which is why we only use galvanised mesh. This ensures your new limestone investment will not only be strong but withstand the test of time, giving you peace of mind for years to come.

When we seal concrete, we use an anti-slip agent to add texture to the surface. This ensures our honed concrete is no more slippery than any other hard surface when wet.

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Our other services.

A nice decorative concrete finish with glass balustrades

Decorative Concrete

Stunning and timeless, decorative concrete will enhance the value of your home. Customisable for your driveway, your pool surround, or patio and alfresco area.

A lovely swimming pool with a water feature

Swimming Pools

Bring those tropical holiday vibes home! Our team at TKL Contractors are ready to guide your design and install your fibreglass pool ready for summer.

A nice wooden patio


Our team love a challenge! We design and build standard or multilevel decking for your home. You will be relaxing and entertaining guests in no time.

Sky view of a swimming pool


Let your artistic inspiration shine or increase the value of your home with a long lasting paved outdoor area from TKL. If you can walk on it, we can pave it!

Wooden Patio Roof with Concrete Flooring

Sheds and Patios

Custom build sheds and patios to enhance your living space. Whether you want a ‘man cave’, pool cabana, or electric patio roof, we’ve got you covered. Literally!

A top view of a digger creating a large hole


We’ll move the earth for you! Complete earthwork renovations from concept to completion whilst utilising our specialised equipment, machinery, and strong manpower.

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