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A Versatile & Durable Decorative Concrete Finish

In recent years, polished concrete has become an increasingly popular flooring finish for residential, commercial and industrial properties. With a range of sheen levels and aggregate exposures available, the design possibilities of polished concrete are endless. A versatile, durable and low maintenance finish, polished concrete is a great choice for interior concrete floors. The team at TKL Contractors are highly experienced, providing quality workmanship and exceptional service time after time.


Quickly becoming the go-to floor covering for homeowners and designers alike, polished concrete is highly versatile, naturally beautiful and stylish. Mechanically polished concrete is a terrific solution for interior floors in high traffic areas of the home due to its durability, uniqueness of design and low maintenance properties.

honed flooring
A nice decorative concrete finish with glass balustrades


Polished concrete is a terrific choice for patios due to its durability, low maintenance and cost effectiveness. Resistant to stains, this sleek finish is highly customisable in terms of design, stays cool in the hot Australian summers and can be sealed to increase slip resistance. The long-term benefits of polished concrete make it a highly popular finish amongst homeowners.


A beautiful alfresco area styled to complement your home creates a seamless transition from interior to exterior. Polished concrete is a terrific option for your alfresco area, making your outdoor entertainment area a feature of the home. A highly durable, stain resistant and visually appealing surface, polished concrete is ideal for relaxing in your alfresco year round.

honed concrete patio
honed flooring


Polished concrete can be utilised for much more than just flooring. Polished concrete benchtops afford a range of benefits to homeowners due to being hardwearing and versatile. Depending on how your benchtop is made, poured in-situ or pre-cast, they can be customed into a range of different shapes, giving you the flexibility of a solution perfectly fitting your home.

Levels of Exposure & Sheen

When planning a polished concrete project for your home, you must consider the level of sheen and stone exposure you would like.

Exposure Levels

  • Nil Exposure: Achieved by very lightly grinding the surface, this finish results in very little to no stones showing on the concrete’s surface.

  • Minimal Exposure: Achieved by lightly grinding the surface (approximately 2mm – 5mm) to expose small amounts of the stone aggregate. This results in an uneven nature of the surface, and some areas may be more exposed than others.

  • Full Exposure: Achieved by heavily grinding the surface (more than 5mm) exposing all the stones on the surface. This provides a decorative and unique finish that is popular amongst both home and business owners.
Concrete Flooring
Concrete Flooring

Sheen Levels

  • Matte Finish: A matte finish results in a relatively low level of shine and reflection. This finish serves as a perfect option for industrial or rustic looks and suits commercial and industrial floors well. Due to the lower level of reflectivity, matte finishes can hide imperfections in your floor.

  • Semi-Gloss Finish: A semi-gloss finish has a radiant level of shine, but is easier to maintain than a high-gloss finish. Imperfections in the floor may still be visible, but semi-gloss finishes achieve a good level of light reflectivity.

  • High-Gloss Finish: If you’re search for a mirror-like floor, then a high-gloss finish is the perfect option. Due to how deep the polish is, high-gloss finishes hide imperfections in the floor and are highly reflective of light, creating a bright space wherever they’re installed.

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Why Choose Polished Concrete For Your Property?

Polished concrete provides a range of benefits to home and business owners when utilised throughout their spaces.

  • High Visual Appeal: Polished concrete is an on trend finish for high-end homes and retail spaces alike. With endless design possibilities available, you can customise the levels of shine and stone exposure, while choosing multiple aggregates, colours or patterns can all impact on visual appeal.

  • Cost Effective: The low maintenance and durability characteristics of polished concrete mean that it can be a highly cost effective floor covering in the long run. You will not need to spend much time on upkeep for your polished concrete and if treated correctly, these surfaces can last for many decades.

  • Low Maintenance: This decorative concrete finish is quite easy to maintain. Polished concrete doesn’t require periodic stripping and re-sealing or waxing. They are easy to clean as they don’t hold onto dirt or dust like other flooring options. To keep your concrete floor looking new simply mop occasionally.

  • Durability: Polished concrete offers long-term durability to those who install it. This finish is recommended in high traffic spaces due to its dust proof and scratch resistant surface. Your polished concrete will last for decades when properly maintained.
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Polished concrete floors can be cold to the touch. For those looking to install polished concrete in their homes, consideration can be given to underfloor heating.

Any surface, including polished concrete, has the potential to scratch. The level of sheen you select can impact how noticeable imperfections in your floor are, for example matte finishes tend to hide scratches more effectively than high gloss finishes.

Polished concrete is an extremely durable floor covering – as long as your polished concrete surfaces are treated with the correct care and maintenance, they will last for many decades.

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A nice decorative concrete finish with glass balustrades

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