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Effective, affordable and versatile – liquid limestone is a terrific decorative concrete option.

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A Cost-Effective & Durable Surface

Liquid limestone is a great option for both residential and commercial projects, offering a range of benefits available from the more expensive decorative concrete options at an affordable price.

The popularity of liquid limestone has steadily grown in the South West region over the years, as homeowners opt for the surface due to its natural look, ability to stay cool in hot conditions and the low maintenance required when compared with pavers.

While liquid limestone is more limited in terms of colour options when compared with other decorative concrete finishes, a range of natural colours are still available to compliment any area of your home. There are still a range of design customisations homeowners can apply to their finish, including colouring, texturing or having designs cut in.

Pool Surrounds

One of the most popular and affordable decorative concrete finishes on the market, liquid limestone is the perfect choice for your pool surround. Great for our warm climate, liquid limestone stays cool underfoot even throughout the hottest summer conditions, while still being a non-slip surface that is comfortable to walk on. These properties make liquid limestone an ideal choice for your pool area, particularly if the area is consistently exposed to direct sunlight.

Pool with liquid limestone surrounds and a beanbag
honed concrete patio


Your alfresco area is a versatile space in your home; a place to spend time with, as well as entertain, your nearest and dearest. Liquid limestone finishes transform your alfresco into a stylish area of your property, looking great and bound to impress guests. Liquid limestone is a highly practical and visually appealing decorative concrete product, combining the best aspects of limestone with the durability and versatility of poured concrete.


Your patio is more than a space for just relaxing or entertaining, it serves as an important design element of your property. For homeowners seeking a stylish yet highly functional patio flooring option, look no further than liquid limestone. A liquid limestone patio will look fantastic, transform your outdoor space, last the test of time and you’ll be able to customise it to suit the specific needs of you and your family.

Liquid limestone patio with black mesh fencing


Paths are critical areas throughout residential and commercial properties, and with liquid limestone, you can combine style with functionality. Liquid limestone paths make for stunning features, transforming outdoor spaces with practicality and visual appeal. Liquid limestone exhibits the prominent features of poured concrete, including durability and ease of maintenance, making it extremely popular for Australian homes and commercial spaces.

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Benefits of Liquid Limestone

Liquid limestone offers a range of benefits to those who install it at their property, including:

  • Low Maintenance Requirements – After your liquid limestone has been sealed, it is super easy to keep clean, and designed to stay looking good for many years to come.

  • Affordability – Liquid limestone will not break your budget as it is one of the most affordable decorative concrete finishes on the market.

  • Non-slip – As a textured surface, liquid limestone is naturally slip-resistant, making it a great floor covering for swimming pool areas.

  • Heat Resistance – Constructed from concrete, limestone and other materials, liquid limestone is heat resistant. This highlights its suitability for outdoor areas of the home that are exposed to direct sunlight consistently.

  • Design Flexibility – With a range of natural colours to choose from, liquid limestone can be customised to suit any area of the home. It is a surface that can be textured and can have designs cut in, such as mimicking pavers.
Birds Eye View of a pool with liquid limestone surrounds

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pool display center with liquid limestone surrounds



All concrete and limestone products have the ability to crack. At TKL Contractors, we utilise control cut lines within the Australian Standards, encouraging the product to crack along these lines. Cracks running out of these lines are visual cracks, and have no impact on the structure of your liquid limestone.

Liquid limestone is sealed to assist in making ongoing maintenance easier. It is recommended your installation is resealed every 1-2 years. Cleaning in between these intervals can be as simple as broom sweeping and hosing off. Harsh chemicals and excessive high pressure cleaning should be avoided as this can remove the sealer and damage the top layer of the surface.

Liquid limestone can be walked on the next day; however you risk staining the limestone prior to it being sealed if you have dirty feet or shoes. It is recommended to avoid walking on the limestone until it is sealed.

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